Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mystery Solved

We've spent a good deal of time since we moved in trying to figure out what kind of tree we have gracing our front yard. It's a lovely shape, large green leaves, and the remains of buds so we assumed it bloomed in the early spring before we saw the house. It's actually been a great party activity, we've spent a lot of time looking at the tree with friends and then going through books and websites in an effort to identify it. One friend went so far as to an arborist friend look at photos and even he was stumped.

Turns out our friendly next-door neighbor knew the whole time. It's a Magnolia of yet undetermined variety. He says that for a week or so in the spring, it's covered in beautiful blooms. I can hardly wait to see it. Three months in, we're still making discoveries in our new home, some good (the Magnolia), some bad (like to burst pipe from one of the outside faucets). Homeownership is a journey, and I'm determined to enjoy every minute of it!

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